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How the Wächtomat B-II and B-II-Combi work

A typical symptom prior to the birth of a foal is increased, often barely perceivable sweating by the mare. The Wächtomat measures the increase in moisture in the coat and triggers an alarm when a previously defined threshold value is reached.

The WÄCHTOMAT B-II-Combi also monitors the mare’s birth canal. This widens shortly before birth. Two magnetic pins which are inserted into the mare’s vulva by the veterinarian respond to the widening and trigger an alarm.

The combination of conventional sweat monitoring and vaginal monitoring ensures ultimate reliability of monitoring of the birthing phase.

Components of the WÄCHTOMAT

A simple principle. The WÄCHTOMAT birth monitoring system simply consists of a transmitter and a receiver These are supplemented by an optional landline dialling system or a GSM module.


  • Range of more than 200 m
  • Attachment to the breastplate and surcingle enables complete freedom of movement for the mare
  • The transmitter antenna is easily passed along the neck strap to the withers
  • Triggers an alarm on increase of moisture in the coat or on expansion of the birth canal (B2-Combi)
  • Extremely robust construction, damage is almost completely excluded, even with active mares


  • LEDs indicate the operating status and function
  • Gives a visual and acoustic alarm
  • Can receive signals from several transmitters. Only one receiver is necessary to monitor several mares simultaneously
  • Splashed water and impact-resistant housing

GSM module

  • Automatically sends an alarm by SMS or a telephone call to up to four specified telephone numbers
  • Ultimate mobility through mobile communication (GSM)
  • Connected to form a unit with the receiver
  • Splashed water and impact-resistant housing

Landline dialling system

  • When an alarm is triggered this automatically dials a landline number which you have selected
  • Requires a landline telephone connection
  • Connected to form a unit with the receiver

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