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Aerosol therapy for horses

Frequent and difficult to detect: Respiratory tract infections

Respiratory tract infections in horses are by no means rare, they only show a few, irregular symptoms and become chronic if they are not treated quickly. The many causes (infection, mouldy hay, protracted cough infections, stress too early after influenza vaccinations) can hardly be completely prevented in daily life.

Immediate, direct effect

Liquid medications, powders and injections can take up to a week to take effect and often stress the entire body of the horse on the way to the lungs.
Because of this, veterinarians recommend aerosol therapy: By inhalation, the inhalant reaches the horse’s lungs immediately and without any detours. Ultrasonic atomisation by the KEGEL INHALER ensures extremely fine mist droplets, which can penetrate deep into the alveoli of the lungs.

Most efficient use of medication

Aerosol therapy reduces the consumption of active ingredients, because the inhalant enters the lungs directly. The breathing mask of the KEGEL INHALER, optimised by the valve system and the seal, ensures complete exhalation of the medication mist and therefore ensures minimum consumption with maximum effect.

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